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Chris Shipley sees the light on blogging

Chris Shipley sees the light on blogging

Chris Shipley of NetworkWorld has seen the light on Blogs, and whilst we don’t normally highlight those who have gone against the blogging flow in the past, her writing style and elegance of prose will see her become a welcome addition to the Blogosphere.
The Blog Nation | Wisconsin Technology Network
“Blogging may be the first truly disintermediated, widely distributed and democratic publishing medium. Because blog media is low- or no-cost, there is no barrier to becoming a blog publisher. Indeed, anyone can create a blog. Whether anyone else reads it is another matter, but it is at this point where the reader, rather than writer/publisher, is truly empowered. In print or even online publishing, publishers assume their access to the printing press (physical or digital) washes them in journalistic integrity such that they can say to the reader”

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  • GEORGE W. BUSH said about Stem cell:
    “There is NO REASON to KILL INNOCENTS in order to SAVE LIVES�

    These are the words of someone that sent innocent soldiers to fight an
    unrighteous WAR, were more than twenty-five thousand INNOCENT CHILDREN,
    YOUNGSTERS and ELDERLY men and women have been killed, because of his
    foolish VISION of PEACE in the Middle-East.

    The WORD of GOD in Proverbs that is written says, “A righteous man regards
    the life of his beast; but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.�
    Moreover, “He who hides hatred is of Lying Lips, and he who utters slanders
    is a FOOL.�
    The WORD also tells as that, “we reap what we sow� and “we will receive
    according to our WORDS.�
    America with all its given power has not acted in MERCY and LOVE toward
    their enemies, but has always used the same Weapons used by the enemies of
    “When a leader in power has spoken lies and done wicked things to people, he
    will try to twist his own words and actions. But, these will hunt him back
    until the Truth comes to Light according to his own Evil.� Thus say the
    AMERICA! Open your eyes wide and read if you are blind and want to see,
    because the LIGHT is shining and HIS WORD is WRITTEN: “I will make Darkness
    LIGHT before them, and CROOKED things STRAIGHT. This things will I DO unto
    them, and not FORSAKE them. Isaiah 42
    “When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing follows not,
    nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken, but the
    prophet has spoken it presumptuously; thou shall not be afraid of him.�
    Deuteronomy 18:22
    The prophet which prophesies of PEACE, when the word of the prophet shall
    come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the LORD truly sent
    him.� Jeremiah 28:9

    Now I say, “Read the REVELATION for PEACE from JESUS CHRIST to the WORLD at, and Judge for your self, if I have spoken presumptuously
    or the things spoken have not come to pass, 9/11. It is also FREE, freely I
    have received and freely I must give to the World HIS WORD of TRUTH which is
    MERCY and LOVE for PEACE. Ivor Manuel prays for you and PEACE for the WORLD;
    prophet pillar branch of the LORD JESUS ALEUZENEV, HIS NEW NAME, LORD and
    SERVANT of all PEOPLE.

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