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CNet previews their new design

CNet previews their new design

CNet Editor in Chief Dan Farber is offering up a glimpse of the new design at CNet in a post on his CNet blog:

We had two key goals with this CNET revamp–make the site easier to use and speed it up. Simplicity is the major theme of this design, and that includes the new “pipeless” CNET logo, a more consistent site structure and a streamlined color palette.

The back-end infrastructure has also been reengineered. We have a new API that is helping to deliver pages 40 to 50 percent faster, and makes it easier for our partners, such as Yahoo and Univision, to work with our content.

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After more than twelve years looking at the same yellow & green webpages, I’m looking forward to seeing something a bit more “modern” over at CNet.

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