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CNET vs blogs: Calacanis fights back

CNET vs blogs: Calacanis fights back

Tech network CNet has launched an attack on blogs, implying in a editoral that blogs are nothing more than rumour sites with no ethics.

Molly Wood, senior editor at CNet writes that blogs including Weblogsinc’s gadget blog Engadget and Gawker Media’s Gizmodo are part of a network which includes an ” army of sniffer sites…[where] every big product release (along with some small ones) has been revealed, dissected, and evaluated long before it hits the shelves”.

In what can best be described as a dummy spit, Wood writes
“And that brings me to the crux of my point today. Thanks to the Internet, there’s a new model for controlling information–that is, a complete lack of control. Bloggers, rumor sites, and even inside sources are running the show… thanks to the new model of leak, rumor, and slow-in-coming confirmation, that system (traditional journalism) is becoming increasingly untenable. And you’re the ones who are missing out.”

Basically, blogs are stealing CNet scoops, and Wood doesn’t like it.

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Jason Calacanis has responded in a post that the reason that CNet and others are losing scoops “has nothing to do with ethics, it has to do with hustle” and then goes on to attack Wood stating the she clearly doesn’t have “hustle” as she “couldn’€™t even be bothered to get [her] facts straight in the editorial.”

Not content in letting things be, Calacanis has also launched an investigation into ethics at CNet and is asking anyone with information on ethics at CNet to call him at (+1) 310 828 8284 or email at jason at calacanis dot com.

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  • Y lo que nadie recuerda es que los blog nacieron no como una forma de periodismo, sino como un medio de expresion para el publico en general, libre,y sin ataduras, pues cada uno es libre de decir lo que quiera, y sobre todo de leer lo que le de la gana, escogiendo, discriminando y rechazando……

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