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College appoints freshmen to blog about first year experiences

College appoints freshmen to blog about first year experiences

Staff at Wabash College, Indiana, have for the second year appointed three freshmen to blog honestly and openly about their first year experiences at the college.

Though the college already has a number of established blogs, last year saw the first written by students just starting at the college. Staff decided not to edit or censor them, though they vetted those who wanted to write first, not only to get a range of backgrounds and interests, but also to ensure that “they’d want their mother to read it”.

“For a lot of students looking here, they want to hear from students,” said Associate Director of Admissions, Chip Timmons. “They want to know what the food tastes like, how hard the classes are. It’s honest, it’s genuine and it’s what students want to know.”

The blogs are so popular that, aside from football, they are the most read pages on the college’s web site.

A statistic the college’s web editor heard at a recent Chicago seminar was that 80% of students first make contact with their chosen college via the Internet.

Of course, it’d be quite easy for any students not shortlisted to start their own unofficial blogs.

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  • A lot of colleges are starting to do this. The students are the perfect people to be talking about the school. They can give insights that faculty and brochures cannot. More and more students want to share their point of view. On our site we let the students review their college campus through videos, photos or written reviews. It’s also a great resource for the school’s administration to look at as well. They can see the issues that students have with the campus and start to address them before they get out of hand.

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