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Colombia Pictures Teams Up With Foursquare For “30 Minutes Or Less” Campaign

Colombia Pictures Teams Up With Foursquare For “30 Minutes Or Less” Campaign

30 Minutes or Less Foursquare BadgeColumbia Pictures has teamed up with Foursquare to promote their new movie 30 Minutes or Less with a new campaign that asks users to interact with the movie.

The program allows users to follow 30 Minutes or Less via the location based service and then check in at “movie-themed places” such as pizza parlors, banks, food trucks, screenings and of course movie theaters on opening weekend for the movie. As users check into the “movie themed” locations they will receive a 30 Minutes or Less badge and will also have the option of accepting special incentives from affiliated movie theaters.

Colombia Pictures also says that certain theaters may offer special promotional materials for users who check in during the movies opening weekend, although what those specials may entail are not known.

There’s also a cash prize incentive for people who take part in the promotion, users who unlock the 30 Minutes or Less badge can win a grand prize of $3,000.

While the Foursquare option will be offered on an international basis, domestic users will see the check-in content advertised in various print materials and other advertising.

Foursquare co-founder Jonathan Crowley says of the program:

30 Minutes or Less is breaking new ground in reaching its target audience, engaging them directly in social media while they’re out in the real world using foursquare,” while adding, “By connecting with them when they’re doing the things they normally do – for example, presenting them with a hilarious tip while they’re eating a slice of pizza – the studio is creating a relevant connection and drive awareness of the film.”

Dwight Caines, Colombia’s president of Worldwide Digital Marketing explained why Foursquare was a perfect fit for the movie:

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“In 30 Minutes or Less, our characters are in a race against time of sorts, racing from place to place in their town, so we took the real-world types of locations they visit and extended them into the digital space with foursquare.  The movie experience is integrated in a way that feels natural and organic to how people use foursquare – as users check into real-world locations, they get rewarded with badges that become conversation pieces about the movie.”

Foursquare has been on a tear lately, signing deals with American Express, 7-11 stores and even Radisson hotel locations among other, however this is by far the largest partnership the company has obtained to date with a major movie studio.

Are you willing to check-in at various “movie based locations” and attend the movie for the chance to win $3,000? I have a feeling that this particular promotion will be used mostly by people who already plan to see the movie and also happen to use Foursquare.


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