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Columbian paper offers Presidential blogs

Columbian paper offers Presidential blogs

In a sure sign that blogs are gaining wide spread acceptance in South America, a Columbian Newspaper has offered to host blogs for all the candidates in the forthcoming Columbian Presidential election.

AP reports that the Bogota daily El Tiempo said it would host the blogs, for candidates to explain their proposals and would not edit the content, a unique effort to support democracy in the race for the May 2006 elections.

El Tiempo said the candidates can update their blogs whenever and however they want, but said aggressive attacks on rival candidates would not be allowed. The sites would be linked to El Tiempo’s own Web page, which it said is Colombia’s most visited Internet site.

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  • Re: Columbian Blogs… Until I was invited to live there I didn’t know how to spell it either… Colombia.

    Michael Manion

  • Thanks MM. Yes, El Tiempo is a very respected and long standing publication and I say I like the idea. We saw what the interned did for American politics, but it was obviously not enough. Good medium none the less.

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