Comment spammer angry at receiving comment spam

In what has to be the ultimate case of irony, comment spammer David Naylor, briefly mentioned here yesterday, is now complaining that other comment spammers are spamming his blog.

Apparently though Naylor is also trying to redeem himself by promoting a new, friendlier version of comment spam with a comment left at Nick W’s Threadwatch here indicating the he now only advocates spamming dead blogs and not live ones…..which makes it all that much better…not.

(via Threadwatch)

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  • He does still comment spam according to his interview, I’d note that it also appears that he was a big pusher of V*agra spam as well. (dont type the word here because it will get squashed by WordPress). Hillarious isn’t it

  • LOL, he isn’t complaining…. if he wanted to complain, he’d do it direct to the SE’s and kill every site that pinged him (or he’d kill ’em himself). He was trying to do them a favour by pointing out that dropping your pants to DaveN by pushing your footprint at him, might not be the best business model ever.

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