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Comment spammer attacks Calacanis

Comment spammer attacks Calacanis

Well known comment spammer David Naylor has declared Weblogs Inc’s Jason Calacanis his “Tosser of the Week” and accused Calacanis of breaking the Google Adsense Terms of Service by running six Adsense ad spots on one page (the maximum allowed is 3).

He also accuses Calcanis of bragging that Google is editing its search engine results to favour Weblogs Inc blogs in its search results.

I have no idea whether allegations are true or not, so I’ll leave it up to others to make a judgement call, although I’m unaware of any Weblogs Inc. sites running 6 Adsense spots.

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  • Am I the only one who has trouble reading Naylor’s blog entries. Does he speak another language and then use a free translator to post them in english? I don’t have the energy to figure out what the hell he’s always on about.

  • As bad as Mr Naylor might be, he’s right about one thing: Mr Calacanis has too many Google ad units. While only three show on the home page, there are four in the individual post pages. Google is rightly displaying nothing in the fourth ad unit.

  • My official statement:

    If you would like information on Google Adsense running on our sites please contact Google’s press or Adsense departments. I can assure you we are not violating any terms with them.

    I can not discuss the issue beyond on that.

  • Guys, I’m supposed to be on a vacation here (and the rum is going down really nice ;-)) but I’m going to stick up for Jason here. If you go here you’ll see that Google makes special arrangements with publishers who have significant page views. They allow the publishers much more flexibility with things like fonts, ad unit layout, whatever…

    Due to the traffic the WIN network gets, coupled with the fact that most blogs main pages and category pages may contain as much as 20 or more posts (tons of content, really long page) there may be a deal based on this.

    Of course, that’s just my rum fuelled opinion…

  • Oh yeah, my point in the comment above was: This is not some big controversy like DN’s sensationalism suggests. Stuff like this happens all the time with larger publishers. DN is just trying to get traffic to his splog cause his SEO probably ain’t working like it used to since the last Google dance. LOL

  • I don`t know why people are creating such a big hype of Jason’s websites displaying more than what normal adsense publishers are allowed.

    He has got many of his blogs in top ranked blogs lists by various networks, and nobody can deny him the success he has achived in such a short time. Currently he is in top gear of launching new blogs, and frankly speaking I liked his newest one on food.

    I am new to blogoshere, so don`t know much about Jason as an individual, but he is unstopable right now.

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