7 Community Blog Sites to Promote Your Content

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Blogging is a two-way street.

Scott Chow of The Blog Starter thinks so, too. He says “Blogging at its heart is interactive.”

Every blog post is a platform where you can share ideas that your audience can discuss. It bridges like-minded people and gives birth to better ideas about the topic.

Then again, writing a blog post alone won’t do you much good. That is if you don’t promote it to blogging communities relevant to your niche.

So here’s a list of some of the best and most popular community blog sites. Use these sites to share your latest content and generate buzz to it!

1. Growth Hackers

Are you obsessed with growth and inspiring others to grow their brand?

If so, this community is the perfect fit!

It’s not all talk because GH follows its principle of growth hacking to a tee.

If you want to grow your brand, you need to help someone grow theirs, too. Whenever you submit a post, it will feature a related post from another user and vice versa. It increases the visibility of both which could lead into traffic!

What you send in is up to you. All sorts of articles are welcome as long as they are about driving growth.

That and the submissions need to be of high quality.

If you want to forward as many submissions as you want, go ahead. But do it in one at a time. After all, you’re allowed only one submission per day.

2. AmplifyBlog

amplify blog

Here, you’ll find two sections where your blog post submission goes: Home and New.

All submissions will go directly under New. The more upvotes your submission gets, the higher it ranks in the Home section. From there, you can attract more upvotes that will attract more traffic to your site!

You can submit articles under various niches. But what makes the front page are those under Business, Blogging, and Marketing.

3. Blog Engage

Like AmplifyBlog, this community also features an upvote/downvote voting system. If your post reaches ten upvotes, it will appear on the first page!

Plus, you can find all sorts of articles here. There are plenty of articles about business, finance, blogging, and self-improvement.

So if you have a multi-topic blog that delves into different niches, best to submit your content here!

4. Blokube

This is Blog Engage’s sister website. And it runs on a similar platform with the same design.

And it also accepts posts under various niches!

The main difference?

It doesn’t feature a downvoting system. So if nobody likes your post, they can only ignore it and focus on upvoting other ones.

5. DoSplash

DoSplash’s best feature is its flexibility. Articles are not the only posts you can submit here. You can post infographics, too!

Unlike the other community blog sites on this list, its account creation is old schoolthe manual way. So if you want an account here, it’s yours.

But you need to wait a few days for it to be official. The wait’s worth it, though.

Once you’re approved, you can share away and connect with people all you want.

6. BizSugar

This site is where small bloggers and small business can become big stars.

But to do that, they need to collect upvotes first or in this case, “sugars.” The more sugars they get, the better.

Do you think you have what it takes to earn lots of sugars?

Then go ahead and promote your post in this community!

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It welcomes posts touching different niches. But it targets professional subjects under tech, management, finance, and startups.

However, you need to build your new profile first before BizSugar publishes your submission. You must actively upvote and comment on other’s submissions.

This will show the site that you’re not just in it to promote your post. You’re there to engage and connect with others!

7. GuestCrew

In this community are influencers who can tell the world about your content. And the influencers have a massive following!

It means they can be your gateway into that massive amount of following.

And it is this platform that can help tap into that reality!

So go ahead and start with GuestCrew now.

Up for grabs is a free account, which you can use for essential promotions. And if you want reviews on small and large blog networks and media coverage, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

If you worry whether there’s a relevant influencer for you, don’t.

The platform can help you promote content under various niches!


Discovering meaningful connections is a great reason to promote your content. But it’s not the only one.

In fact, content promotion is a part of a genius strategy to increase traffic to your site. If your visitors like the post you promoted, there’s no stopping them. They will explore other articles from you!

Of course, you need the boost in traffic. With today’s overcrowded market, it will help you reach the top!

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