Comscore ranks Blogger on top for traffic

US market research firm Comscore has ranked Google’s Blogger as the leading blog service in the United States in terms of traffic.

The research, presented at a WOMMA event July 13, analysing at the surfing habits of 2 million people found that the domain, the free hosting domain of Blogger, received approx 19 million unique visitors, although the time frame for this figure was not made clear (was it per day, week or month for example).

Following Blogger was SixApart’s Live Journal and TypePad with 9.5 million and 7 million, and just under 7 million. Interestingly despite their phenomenal growth, MSN Spaces only managed to scrape over 2 million unique visitors, slightly ahead of

The figures presented also look a repeat visitors, which saw blogging services preferred by younger users, such and Xanga and Live Journal, obtaining much higher visit by visitors figures than other services.

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  • I suspect as such as well, particularly given the low Spaces figures. Even if you accept that Spaces bloggers are going to have lower numbers than Blogspot bloggers due to the difference in the time established, and the difference in demographics (Spaces bloggers I’d guess are more in the LiveJournal/ Xanga category) there is still a whole lot more Spaces blogs out there and the more blogs, the higher the traffic should be.

  • Aloha! Duncan! ;-)

    Let’s Face It, What We Are REALLY Talkin’Bout Here, Isssss The Pro-Microsoft\Anti-Microsoft Bias of The Sourcer of The Numbers!

    …That Aside, I’d Like 2 Say That,… “MSN Spaces Has The FASTEST, EASIEST, RICHEST Content Creation Blogging Tool Software, …of ALL The Blogging Tool Software Available Right Now!!!”

    …& Microsofts’, MSN Spaces, Should Be Given Due Credit For The GREAT Blogging Tool Software That, It MSN Spaces Isssss, Microsoft Bias Aside!




  • Honestly without knowing the exact methodology I can’t be sure of the survey results, and I’m always hesitant about samples like this, even with 2 million people, as I am with alexa stats as well because they don’t reflect everyone. Honestly, I think its just old stats, as opposed to anything much bigger. I’d love to see the same figures for today though, no doubt MSN Spaces would be right up there, and credit where credits due, Microsoft has really done the blogging market well.

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