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Conservative blog causes angst in Canada

Conservative blog causes angst in Canada

A Canadian blog listing the names of members of the Canadian Conservative party who are seeking to oust their leader, Stephen Harper, has caused a lot of angst for a number of party faithful claiming that they did not agree to appear on the list.

According to
the Edmonton Sun, the blog (nnamed) set up by Ontario Conservative organizer Carol Jamieson names Conservatives’ New Brunswick West secretary, Diane Bormke and Conservative Senator Marjory LeBreton as standing against Harper, although both deny doing so.

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  • “The Conservative leader (Harper) was assailed this week by Carol Jamieson, a top Conservative official in Toronto, who said average Canadians would never vote for him and urged him to quit.”

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    Last week, Carol Jamieson wrote an open letter to the party calling for Harper to step aside. “I felt I had to do this because the party is slipping in the polls,” said Jamieson, when she was being interviewed on CTV’s Question Period. Harper has said he won’t respond directly to the critics who have been trying to erode his leadership.

    Denying it is just putting on a happy face for the voting public. Their poll numbers are slightly below the Liberals, and if a story like this gets blown out of proportion, it won’t help them in any way whatsoever.

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