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Conservative Blogger suffers Blog Burnout

Conservative Blogger suffers Blog Burnout

Republican uber-blogger Andrew Sullivan has announced that he will be putting The Daily Dish on hiatus for a few months.

Sullivan blogs that The Daily Dish will still exist, but the site will now only be updated weekly with new feature articles, and only personal posts “when he feels like it”.

He writes that he wants to take a breather, travel and write a book.

With millions of words over 5 years and a book project two years behind, Sullivan has suffered blog burnout and has chosen to pursue other activities.

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Whether “Blog Burnout” will become a commonly used phrase this year is yet to be seen, but the rapid growth of the blogosphere and those attempting to get ahead will mean that Sullivan is most likely the first of quite a few, in a marketplace that is rapidly commercialising at the top, and where it is becoming more and more difficult for hobby bloggers or part time bloggers to compete with full time individual bloggers and those blogging for the increasing number of blogging, online and media companies that are expanding nearly daily.

Sullivan fans should not be too dismayed however, with a promise that he will return to regular blogging in around nine months.

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  • Good riddance. Sullivan overrates himself, apart from what his fawning journalistic ‘peers’ say. And I dread the publication of another worthless book under a vile conservative imprint.

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