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Convention Bloggers named

Convention Bloggers named

(via cyberjournalist) An interesting mix of bloggers has been given credentials to cover the Democrat convention. It is bound to be an interesting experiment no matter what side of the political fence you sit on, however some are bound to cause controversy:
Perennial favourite and character Dave Winer of Scripting News leads the team
Dave Weinberger of Joho the Blog
Taegan Goddard of the well respected Political Wire
Jay Rosen of Pressthink, who has been critical of conventions
Infamous scum blogger and the most controversial pick Markos Moulitsas Zuniga from the Daily Kos: its fair to say that no matter what he does the decision to give him credentials is a bad choice that will see criticism levelled at the convention organisers: remember, this is the blogger de-linked from the Kerry campaign due to his extremist views on Americans being killed in Iraq
Kerry flag flyer Jerome Armstrong of myDD
and the strange choice of Aldon Hynes, who aside from having a very uninspiring Live Journal site is seemingly married to Kim Hynes, who is running for the 149th Assembly District in the State of Connecticut and has an obsession with Howard Dean

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  • I got blog credentials, so I’ll blog about the convention at The Power of Many and make any process notes and blog-tech insights over at RFB. I’ll confine my liberal raving to Edgewise.

    Your view of Kos is narrow and ill informed, btw. Great work with the Herald, btw. You’re making it easier for me to slack off in Blogistan, heh.

  • oh, and Aldon Hynes also writes for and built some very effective DeanSpace sites in Dean’s abortive run for the nomination. His wife entered the race inspired by Dean’s run and the enabling technology of blogs and the rest of this hullabulloo. You’ve got his story entirely backwards.

    What did you just google him and then post a snide joke. Oh, you did? Oops, sorry!

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