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Corrupt DMOZ Editors?

Corrupt DMOZ Editors?

There’s a group out there that has long held that editors at the DMOZ Project are inherently corrupt and in it for their own self-promotion. I’ve never subscribed to this theory because I’ve known some damn fine editors over at DMOZ back in my days of running humor websites.

But this editor’s demands take the cake:

The work-around is getting in touch with a dmoz editor (me) and suggesting
that they review your site…and making it worth while. Typically, in the
past, people have paid:

To get reviewed:
Within a year: $50.00
Within 6 Months: $75.00
Within 3 Months: $90.00
Within 1 Month: $125.00
Within 2 Weeks: $180.00
Within 1 Week: $225.00
Within 3 Days: $275.00
Within 24 hours: $300.00
ASAP: $350.00

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Personally, i believe this to be an incredible deal since Yahoo directory
charges 300.00/yr for a listing and it takes 7 days for them to review your
site…….even then there is no guarantee that you’ll get listed and they
STILL keep you $300.00. DMOZ is much more important to be listed in than

I believe that most of the editors at DMOZ to be honest and upright folks who volunteer to build a great directory – and they acted quickly to resolve this issue with this particular editor. But who else out there is doing something like this?

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  • oh shit, don’t get me started about DMOZ.

    This particular case seems to be rare (but who really knows) but I’ve given up on them years ago. Many editors treat it sooo seriously that they place themselves above the pack acting like the typical editorial snob.

    That, and there is a real problem with self-interest issues – it’s a flawed process, and it CAN (and has been) abused.

    Anyway, I haven’t even thought about DMOZ for at least 2 years now … are they still going around. Shows how relevant they are.

  • I was told by an editor that my title didn’t match my page about a year ago and I have to agree with Darren and Matt. It was good to read that the editor got fired for trying to shake people down…

  • Darren … you make the t-shirts and we can make a killing ;-)

    And shit, another blog I’ve just come across that’s right down my alley – Blog Republic. I’m Subscribed.

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