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Cows Can Have Blogs Too

Cows Can Have Blogs Too

Blog’s by non-human’s aren’t restricted to domesticated animals and man’s best friend. No, they also include sacred animals, like cows. Especially cows that are targeted for euthanizing.

Such is the case of “Shambo”, the temple bull at Skanda Vale Monastery, in Carmarthenshire, England Wales. “Shambo” has a tuberculosis positive skin test, and is, according to the policy of the local health authority, to be put down. In an effort to raise public awareness, the monks at the temple have put up a “blog” of sorts for Shambo, where it writes down its thoughts for the day. That is, he kicks it old-school, as Shambo (or “Shambo”) hand codes his thoughts without the benefit of a blogging engine, like WordPress or Typepad.

While it is sprinkled with such gems, such as the following:

Whoa, have I got news for you! They all have been out here today. Tomorrow I hear the Queen is paying a visit. I think I hit celebrity status – do they do Big Brother for Bovines.

But anyway chief veterinary officer was here today and I was so relieved, (with her enormous wealth of knowledge), she said I was in fine fettle. She also said I was perfectly well isolated from wild life, other cows and everything else. But one thing I just don’t get is why on earth on the basis of highly inaccurate test they all want to kill me, this officer couldn’t quiet answer that one, apparently.

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All the monks tell me my Bovine Buddies are calling in from Russia, the States and even Japan. Anyway I want to go back to my nuts, I am being spoilt rotten so don’t tell the rest of the herd. I’ll have more moos for you tomorrow. Lots of Love, Shambo.

… it does afford an interesting window into the difficulties that the monks — err, Shambo — are having with the conflict between public health and private worship. Even without comments. Or Trackbacks. Or fancy plugins.

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