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Crikey Blogs to Bring Blogging to the Frontlines in Australia

Crikey Blogs to Bring Blogging to the Frontlines in Australia

At least that’s the feeling you get when reading Duncan Riley’s post on Crikey Blogs over at The Inquisitr. He reckons the Australian blogosphere is some 5 years behind the US, which is interesting.

The network brings together some of Australia’s leading political blogs, including PollBludger and former Senator Andrew Bartlett under the one roof. The Crikey blog network is live now, but I understand that other blogs are to follow, including some leading Australian blogs in excess of 1 million page views a month.

They manage this by buying existing blogs, rather than just recruit bloggers and build from the ground up. The actual blog network is powered by WordPress MU, which the WordPress Publisher Blog gladly points out.

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Crikey is an independent online media service, according to their own words, which costs money. You can read more about it here.

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  • As an Australian blogger, I find the Crikey move helpful and have their blog list on my check list. However, I also find the way that independents like me try to agregate and spread helpful.

    I good example is Neil Whitfield’s Google Reader. See

    The blogophere is very crowded. I cannot read all, so I try to find ways of at least tasting. This is where Neil’s approach is so good.

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