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Cuban warns Blogspot bloggers: you will be banned

Cuban warns Blogspot bloggers: you will be banned

Ice Rocket owner and self styled “Blog Maverick” Mark Cuban has warned bloggers using Googles free Blogger service under the Blogspot domain that the day that all blogs are excluded from Ice Rocket and other search engines is drawing closer due to the use of the service by blog spammers:

To quote Cuban:

If you are an individual blogger whose blog is hosted on, every day the chances of you being excluded from’€™s, and other search engines’€™ indexes increases.

He also spends some extra time finger pointing at Google over the issue of spam blogs:

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Blogger is by far the worst offender. Google seems to be working hard to adjust their relevancy indexes to exclude splog from having influence on search rankings, but they dont seem to be doing anything more than removing reported splogs (spam blogs). Kind of like going after the zombies one at a time with a shovel. Can we get some help on this Google ? (you can check out to get a feel for just how much splog we are talking about )

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  • Hm, if this becomes a trend, i.e. IceRocket, Technorati … etc. will boycott the blogspot domain, it will only push Google to come out with it’s own blog search, be it developed or by acquiring one of these guys.

    On the other hand, why should Blogger stay free? Any individual blogger can afford a symbolic price, say $3 / month which would add up to significant cost to spammers who create blogs by the thousands. Even better to slap them with a one-time blog creation fee.

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