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Dad Pays Daughter $200 To Quit Facebook

Dad Pays Daughter $200 To Quit Facebook

Facebook Contract

Are you afraid your child might have a Facebook addiction or simply be wasting too much time on the social network? The father of 14-year-old Rachel Baier is paying her to ditch the social network. If successful Rachel will earn $200.

Paul Baier offered his daughter $200 if she could simply log off the social network for five months.

To ensure that his daughter follows through with the proposal Paul promised $50 in April and another $150 in June.

Paul was given full access to his daughters Facebook account to ensure she is not “cheating” by hiding her activity. Paul also has the right to change the FB password so his daughter can’t lock him out.

While some of our readers might think Paul is an overprotective father, the idea was actually his daughters. Speaking to the Daily Dot Baier revealed:

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“It was her idea. She wants to earn money and also finds Facebook a distraction and a waste of time sometimes. She plans to go back on after the 6 months is over.”

The daughter and father signed an official contract (pictured above) which was posted to Paul’s blog which focuses on sustainability and energy technology.

Do you think a contract between this father/daughter team is a smart way to avoid Facebook addiction and distraction?

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