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Darren Rowse Hits 5,000

Darren Rowse Hits 5,000

5,000 posts that is, on popular blogging blog Impressive to say the least. He celebrates this by posting 13 things he learned about successful blogging:

  1. Anticipate Growing Trends
  2. Solve Problems and Meet Needs
  3. Write for YOU
  4. Blog over the Long Term and Blog Regularly
  5. Be Interactive
  6. Be Personal
  7. Go Where People Are Already Gathering
  8. Build Your Brand
  9. Spot and Follow Opportunities
  10. Develop Partnerships
  11. Know Your Goals and Stay Focused
  12. Work Hard
  13. Be Lucky

Naturally, he’s got explanations to them too, so you should head over to and pick his brain on this. Congratulations Darren!

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