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David Krug writes about his disapperance

David Krug writes about his disapperance

My friend David Krug disappeared for several days recently – reappearing just a few days ago after a pretty amazing experience that he has written about in a new series called Boleta De Libertad, which is meant to inform people of the dangers of Tijuana, Mexican Police, and Corrupt Americanos in the nether regions of Tijuana.

An excerpt from his first post in the series:

A tall man, who was not a police officer whose name I will remove for the sake of privacy held a wooden baton of some kind in his hand and entered my room by force as soon as I opened my door offering up threats first in spanish then in English. Informing me of a rental disagreement between himself and ‘€œJohn’€?, the man I was sub leasing from.

At this point he told me to go out to the living room ‘€” he wanted to ask me a few questions. He said I was not in trouble and to just go sit in the living room.

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Little did i know that this would be one of the last moments anyone would hear from me for almost 10 days.

Read the series: Boleta de Libertad.

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