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Deaf, mute learn to blog in China

Deaf, mute learn to blog in China

OK, so the headline isn’t very PC, but the concept is still a good one.

THE Hongkou District government in China is paying for hearing and speaking impaired to learn how to blog, in an effort to improve understanding between the disabled and the outside world.

According to The Shangaihai Daily, the blogging course, which is expected to start in the middle of this year, will be part of regular vocational training courses organized by the Hongkou District Deaf and Mute Association.

Teachers will use sign language to teach students to set up their own blog, how to add new entries and how to publish it on the net.

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“We are trying to help the hearing and speaking disabled to break communication barriers and catch up with the modern information world outside,” Fei Feng, chairman at the association who is a deaf-and-mute person himself, told Shanghai Daily.

“By reading our blogs, people could come to know that deaf and mute people has an equally complete and complicated inside world as normal healthy people,” Fei said.

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  • I can see the deaf using blogs (for typing) but the mute would really benefit as blogging would be a way for them to communicate easily.

    I wonder if something like this has developed in America? If so, let me know. :)

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