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Deep Jive Interests Looking for Guest Blogger

Deep Jive Interests Looking for Guest Blogger

For those unaware, Tony Hung, our former editor here at the Blog Herald, is actually an MD (medical doctor, that is). And whenever he’s not busy saving the world, he loves to write about new media, particularly on Deep Jive Interests. However, with a big exam coming up, Tony will be unable to post regularly on his blog. So to make sure the site stays alive, he’s looking for guest bloggers.

[M]y Royal College Exams in Internal Medicine are here (or will be, in April and May), and seeing as they are the Final Exams one writes at the end of one’s medical training they are rather important.

Although my training won’t quite end, because I’ve decided to do an extra year’s training in Palliative Care, this Exam is the Big One. Its the kind where people sweat and stress, and really, start studying in earnest about a year before the exam date.

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In case you’re interested, or know someone else who may be, do get in touch with Tony. You can help the new media scene with deeper, jivier and more interesting thoughts and commentary over at Deep Jive Interests!

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  • Thanks for the heads heads up J. Angelo … any time I can make things jive-y is good with me, and this time, I’m going to need some help :)

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