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Deja Vu: WordPress Defeats Joomla, Drupal Again In CMS Wars

Deja Vu: WordPress Defeats Joomla, Drupal Again In CMS Wars

The results for the 2010 Open Source Awards are in and it looks like WordPress has once again defeated both Joomla and Drupal as the preferred CMS among the masses (at least those who voted).

Perhaps Joomla isn’t better than WordPress after all?

I was just informed that WordPress, in head-to-head voting against Joomla and Drupal, has won this year’s Open Source CMS Hall of Fame award.

We have to be careful because if this trend continues people might think WordPress is a real CMS, useful for more than just a blog. This would ruin our stealth campaign and might bring dozens of new users to the WordPress community. If you could keep this on the DL we’d appreciate it.

We don’t want WordPress to develop a reputation. (WordPress News)

Truth be told I am not surprised by the results, despite the fact that WordPress was never initially designed as a CMS while both Joomla and Drupal are (the latter which is about to release version 7.o).

With the exception of OnSugar (which is more of a cult of Drupal), both Joomla and Drupal are very difficult for users unskilled in HTML, CSS, etc. to use without geek assistance.

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This probably explains why many of my non-geek friends have switched away from other platforms to WordPress, as they do not have to hire a geek in order to perform the simplest of tasks (or harass me for that matter).

Ironically BuddyPress (which allows bloggers to build their own social network) also made the list this year, although unlike its big WP brother it only took the bronze in the “Most Promising Open Source Project” category.

It will be interesting to see if WordPress is able to hold onto the crown in the future, as last I check the Drupal community is working to make their CMS much more user friendly.

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