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Dell, Netgear recieve negative consumer flack

Dell, Netgear recieve negative consumer flack

Dell’s back in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons, with Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny taking aim at Dell over his experiences with a monitor and yet again the poor customer service delivered by Dell’s Indian Call Center. Personally I’ve been there, done that with Dell and I could never recommend them to anyone because of it.

b5media’s own Jeremy Wright relates a story about Netgear and problems with their customer support. Personally I bought a Wireless Netgear Card earlier in the year, and binned it shortly thereafter, not a quality product in my book.

Both stories are already climbing the charts at Memeorandum so it will be interesting again to watch how the blogosphere reacts.

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  • I really don’t what these problems are. I just bought a Netgear Router last week and I had it up and running in about two minutes. And it has worked flawlessly since I set it up. And registration was just as simple. I am shocked to read your post. Especially the registeration part – Netgear had by far one of the easiest registrations I have dealt with in recent memory.

    I had no problem getting the product working and no problem registering and I did both in under five minutes. It took me longer to explore the admin tool and upload the beta firmware.

    I just thought I would post the other side of the coin, instead of this Netgear sucks propeganda.

  • “However the Blog Herald fufills my worse fear working for a large company, they’ve already started the move…basically that “Dell and Netgear get Negative Consumer Flack”.”

  • My problem with NetGear is their rebates. My receipt says that rebate should be received within 8 weeks. It’s now been over 12 weeks and no rebate has be sent out. I contacted their rebate center and was told that they had processed the rebate and all was fine, a check would be mailed out in Feburary. When asked about the delay, they said that they didn’t receive the rebate until the end of Nov. even though I mailed it in mid-Oct. I then told them that even if they hadn’t received it until Nov., getting the rebate in Feb. was still way over their statement on the rebate form. I was then told that I’d probably receive it sooner than Feb. anyway. Don’t companies get it??? Don’t play these games, I currently have over $500 in rebates out there from companies and they are ALL playing this stupid game. Please rebate offering companies get your houses in order, teach your reps not to read from scripted responses, and quit lying to us!

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