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Denton planning “blog on blogs” with a twist

Denton planning “blog on blogs” with a twist

Duncan Riley> Andrew Krucoff writes back in April that he has been approached by Nick Denton and Lockhart Steele into doing a “blog about blogs”, and compared the concept to the Blog Herald but with bitchy blog gossip and trash-talkin.

I’m hurt, I’m obviously being too nice lately and and as a consequence Nick sees a uncatered niche. :-)

Seriously though, there is so much fodder out there in the blogosphere with some time and effort you could have a field day with bloggers, blogs and their posts. And 50 million odd blogs is a lot of fodder. And at the end of the day, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we shouldn’t be here.

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  • I don’t see The Blog Herald in “Schlock Jock” mode. There’s enough negative comment around to sink the Titanic already. Stay constructive, Duncan.

  • just what the world needs… another blog about blogs. This has to be a joke. How could Denton (or I) create such a blog when we are so involved in the story?

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