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Denton scores 7 nominations for Bloggies

Denton scores 7 nominations for Bloggies

The 2005 Bloggies, the blogosphere’s oldest blogging awards have annouced their nominees for this year, with Nick Denton’s Gawker Media leading the field with 7 nominations, with Wonkette scoring three nominations including Best American Weblog, Best Weblog about Politics and Weblog of the Year, Defamer scoring nominations for Best New Weblog and Best Entertainment Weblog, and Gawker and Gizmodo rounding out the list with nominations for Weblog of the Year and Best Computer or Technology Weblog.

Amongst other nominations from the world for blogging for business include WeblogsInc’s Engadget, with a nomination for Best Computer or Technology Weblog, Canadian company Ludicorp’s Flickr photo sharing service with nominations for Best Meme and Best Web Application for Weblogs, andSixApart’s Movable Type blogging software for Best Web Application for Weblogs.

Perinial blogging favourites Boing Boing featured with nominations for Best Group Weblog and Weblog of the Year, and Slashdot with nominations for Best Computers or Technology Weblog and Best Community Weblog.

The biggest shock in the nominations was the overlooking of any number of very high profile political blogs by the panel, with notables such as Times Blog of the Year Powerline and The Daily Kos missing out on nominations to the fairly low profile Low Culture, which is more satirical and gossip that politics, 3 way political blog WatchBlog, Pandagon and

Past winner and MovableType refugee Scriptygoddess, now high priestess of WordPress plugins is up for another year with a nomination for Best Web Development Weblog.

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A number of web pioneers have been overlooked again this year, notably Dave Winer, with Tom Coates from Plastic Bag and Derek Powazek lining up as favourites for the Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Voting will close at 10:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time on 3 February 2005, with The Weblog Award ceremony will be held at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas on Monday, 14 March 14 at 12:30 PM.

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  • I thik its a shame that in all the current awards going on that it seems that journals have been overlooked as blogs and journals are all weblogs, its just the name that differs. Like blogs there are the good and the bad, and its just a shame the former don’t get recognition.

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