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Denton subject to content theft disguised as “Public Art”

Denton subject to content theft disguised as “Public Art”

An anonymous blogger has launched an “Ad-free” version of Nick Denton’s gossip blog Gawker on Google’s blogger service, supposedly as “a piece of performance art meets media.”

According to Adrants
, the blogger behind the project stated that “we wanted to see if we can draw viewership away from popular online blogs and news sites by removing the advertising. Would people actually enjoy the site more without the pop up advertising, drag overs, and other obtrusive types of online banner advertising?”

The New York Post’s Gossip section has also been targeted.

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  • Wow…two thoughts: first, I’m surprised that no one has done this before (or at least not to the point where it got noticed like this); second, this is BAD. If other people start doing stuff like this to content sites, where will it end? I doubt that the courts could shut them all down, if it proliferates. Damn.

  • It won’t stand up in US either but don’t expect to see this sort of thing disappearing soon – hey btw Caz with the new US-Australia “Free” Trade Agreement you’ll be pleased to know that US and Australian copyright laws are being “aligned” – ie US copyright laws will become Australia’s copyright laws.

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