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Des Moines Register on bloggers: losers

Des Moines Register on bloggers: losers

In a fresh attack on blogging by the old hacks of the mainstream media who just cant understand why people are turning to blogs instead of reading newspapers, the Des Moines Register’s “Staff Writer” Nancy Clark writes that bloggers are losers, blogs are “loose” media outlets that can’t be believed, and that only the mainstream media has any credibility and can be believed because they follow “strict professional guidelines”.

She also takes up the argument that because she talked to sports stars during the week, that bloggers won’t have.

Want to read what the sad excuse for a journalist thinks of you: read it here.

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  • Mrs. Clark’s overly defensive stance just makes her look scared. IMHO, if the main stream media spent more time doing real reporting, and less time toeing the line for special interests, blogs wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are today.

  • Why are the first sentences of the article reminding me of a cock contest? “I get to see X and you don’t, neener-neener. My article is better than yours, neener-neener”. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet or not, but this really seems odd to me in a “serious” piece, doesn’t it.

    While blogs indeed may not be an exact source all of the time (some do their homework well and cross-check sources, some others, well, don’t), to say that the mainstream media is always right is a tad bit presumptuous as well. I know of more than one newspaper in my country who published inexact facts at times and then had to publicly rectify it. Way to be perfect, right.

  • So, it would appear that if Mark Cuban decided to report something on his blog, he would become a loser wanting to seem as if he was ‘in the know’ huh? Wow…now that is a wake up call.

  • Nancy Clark says : “only the mainstream media has any credibility and can be believed because they follow ‘strict professional guidelines’. Since all that applies to The Guardian newspaper in the UK, how come it produces such a torrent of unutterable drivel?

  • That’s crazy! I’ve “talked” to several famous people for my writing blogs (actors, authors, artists etc). You don’t have to be in the MSM to talk to people. You just have to have the stones to approach them ;)

    I think it’s a matter of these people wanting to feel like they are still part of an “Elite” segment of society. That beacause they work for the press that they have “access” that we don’t.

  • I had to try not to laugh too loudly, as I was sitting at the reference desk when I saw this. To say this lady is arrogant, pretentious, pompous, and just a tad immature is to be both mild and generous. All one has to do is look at all the bad examples of the MSM such as Mr. Blair of the NYT, and that is just one of the top of my head. As some of the commenters here point out, many bloggers do their homework, and are often as conscientious if not more so than so called “accredited” journalists. True, there are some not so good bloggers, but the MSM has its bad apples as well. Overall though, she sounds sour and desperate, and she is likely goign to now “cry” because we are having a “field day” with her. I personally think the best we can do with people like that is ignore them, which I am sure a lot of people are doing anyways as they look to new sources of information.

  • I’m a journalist who also has a blog. I’m confused what this means. Will it bring the space-time continuum undone?

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