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Did Yahoo! Sell Delicious?

Did Yahoo! Sell Delicious?

Has the former search giant finally sold off Delicious? Reportedly Yahoo! was able to find a buyer for the former book marking service, although they apparently sold the platform at a loss.

We’ve received a solid report from a reliable and proven source that Yahoo has sold social bookmarking site Delicious for $5m+. […]

After a heated bidding process, the site has reportedly been sold to a rival bookmarking service – who exactly we’re unsure of but we’ll update once we have confirmation. (The Next Web)

It’s still unclear who allegedly bought Delicious, although if the information above is correct then Yahoo! sold the company at a loss (as they previously bought delicious for $18 million).

While some may suspect Google could have purchased the service (as the company also offers users a social book marking tool), it could have been a much smaller company instead.

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Yahoo! as expected is being tight lipped regarding the reports, (they’re refusing to confirm or deny the report), although we will stay tuned for more details to see whether or not Delicious fans have new owners.

Hat tip: Mashable

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