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Digg Trends Gives Stories 10 Minutes to Shine

Digg Trends Gives Stories 10 Minutes to Shine

Digg is currently experimenting on a new voting system that will give interesting stories that will otherwise fade out unnoticed, a chance to get famous on the Digg sphere. Dubbed Digg Trends, this new home page will give new trending store a 10 minute spotlight on the Digg Trends home page.

The Official Digg Blog explains how Digg Trends works:

Digg Trends identifies and highlights upcoming stories that have a high volume of activity (think Diggs, comments, favorites, shares, etc.). When we detect a new trending story, it will appear on the homepage for ten minutes

The stories shot at 10 minutes of Digg stardom is enough to determine whether it should become popular or not.  This will be determine by the Digg and bury actitivty it will generate during the time that it was put on the spotlight.

Since 10 minutes is a short time for busy people like us who don’t stay the whole day on, a Twitter account was setup to inform users when a new Digg Trends is up for voting.

When displaying the current Digg Trend,  the remaining minutes to digg or bury the story is also displayed along side the title of the story and a counter that says how many people have already checked the story.

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Digg Trends is cool and adds a fun aspect to the otherwise boring task of digging and burying stories. And it’s also  a clever  way of pulling users back to the home page instead of just using the Digg voting widgets to do their Digg activities.

You can follow the action on Digg Trends via Twitter,

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  • This is interesting. I’d be curious to keep tabs on this one. Working for a web hosting company I found depending on the site, instead of 10 minutes to shine, you could very well end up with 10 minutes of down time. If this extra little push helps get some lesser known sites the recognition, it could end up blowing up their hosting.

    “Server has Timed out” – Worse thing in the world to happen to your site if you got dugg

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