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Digital Business Cards App Will Change The Way You Network Forever

Digital Business Cards App Will Change The Way You Network Forever

100AM business card app

Networking is an important part of being successful in this industry. Chances are, you have collected quite a few business cards and no idea of what to do with all of them. One new app is going to completely change the way you look at business cards.

100AM, the platform for digital business cards and networking, announced its official launch today. The app connects professionals through digital business cards that are customizable and always up-to-date.

Always Up-to-Date Contact Information

No longer worry about printing hundreds of business cards only to throw them away when titles or contact information changes. 100AM ensures that your rolodex of contacts is always up-to-date as all contact information is automatically updated when titles, positions, and contact information are changed by your contacts. Updates to the “About Me” field can also be used to share personal or company announcements as a notification is sent to each contact whenever a change is made.

Customizable Design and Animated Visual Components

Designed to fit your style and profession, the digital business cards can be created using 100AM’s design templates, or with a custom design, and can include photos, GIFs, or video components.

Various Card Sharing and Business Ecosystem Solutions

Cards can be shared via text/SMS, Bluetooth, geolocation, email, and through various instant messenger applications. A great tool for speakers and conference attendees, an additional sharing option includes a “Broadcast” feature where a user’s card is available for download by all nearby users. Similar to Facebook’s recommendations feature, 100AM will also offer contact recommendations through artificial intelligence (AI), further expanding your network of contacts.

The app also offers a print-to-digital feature via which optical character recognition technology (OCR) is used to scan a printed business card and upload the information to the digital format—this feature makes it easy to store contact information and connect with others even if they don’t have the 100AM app.

Unlike the exchange of printed business cards, conversations can be easily continued through 100AM’s built-in chat. Form group chats with coworkers or network with a new contact in a one-on-one conversation, the app provides an all-in-one solution for storing contacts and convenient communication.

“Our goal with 100AM is to make networking and connecting with contacts as efficient and easy as possible. While individuals can make personal business cards, companies and organizations can create a corporate design for their employees,” says George Mikaberydze, Co-Founder & CEO of 100AM. “This is great option for businesses that participate in numerous tradeshows and conferences, as the digital cards are endless. Companies can also manage the cards of their employees, ensuring all titles and updates are properly communicated.”

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100AM aims to be a resource for startup companies, accelerators, and incubators looking to network and grow their business. Businesses interested in learning more should contact [email protected].

The 100AM app is available on iOS and Android and is free for individuals and company teams up to 10 people. Organizations that create cards for over 10 employees will be charged a monthly fee of $2. Additional features and updates will be available this summer. You can get more information on 100AM’s Product Hunt page.

100AM connects professionals through digital business cards that are customizable and always up-to-date. Utilizing a variety of digital assets including photos, GIFs, and video, users can create a custom live card for efficient networking where all contact information is automatically updated as titles, positions, and contact information are updated by your contacts. Available on iOS and Android, 100AM cards can be shared via text/SMS, Bluetooth, and geolocation. Contacts are securely stored for each account, and can be accessed via mobile device or desktop.

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  • Hey Megan,

    Thank you very much for giving a beautiful information about the app 100AM. It looks great and works amazing, just installed it. It’s customization design and animated visual components are best style your own digital business cards. We can easily share it with the updated contacts, we know very well. This is very useful for me. It sounds very common to hear but honestly saying I had no idea about the digital business card.

    Best way to present yourself and your business with new people is cards, therefore, we must focus to design it properly. Surprised to know the app offers the print of digital card made by you via OCT technology. Yeah, this app is developed to connect professionals through the digital business cards.

    Thanks for wonderful share, Megan.
    Have a good day. :)
    – Ravi.

  • Linkcarsdapp is a modern business card app solution for professionals and organizations who want to stand out and make a lasting first impression.We wanted to create a Digital business card seamless experience that is better than paper. That meant removing all existing barriers and making the process as simple as possible.

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