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Digital Experts Deployed to Mideast

Digital Experts Deployed to Mideast

Most of the bloggers I know are satisfied to get $10 for a 250-word post. So when I read that our government is poised to spend $5 million to help “spread democracy” throughout the Mideast and North Africa, I couldn’t help but wonder if a few loyal BlogHerald readers were in for a sizable payday!

The high-tech program will see several American “digital experts” send to various regions to help community groups set up blogs, aid them with text message marketing and help them build Websites.

According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the campaign is designed for “listening and embracing others’ ideas rather than simply imposing our own.”

Whether or not the project will help topple state controlled media and widespread censorship remains to be seen.

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I hate partisan politics, so check your party affiliation at the door and give us your take. Will increased blogging and digital media help reshape politics in non-democratic countries and deliver peace?

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