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Dirty Laundry Tweeting

Dirty Laundry Tweeting

It’s dangerous to Twitter, that’s for sure! Not only is it almost as addictive as asides, but you’ll also have to make sure you don’t blurt something personal to the masses. Like Pownce hotshot Leah Culver did, something about a cheating boyfriend or whatever. That hit Valleywag like something did to the fan. Luckily, the tweet’s been deleted, but if it’s online one time, it’s there forever.

Mind you tweets, people.

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  • Funny you mention this Thord, as it’s really been on my mind lately.

    I’ve been treating twitter as a place to talk to friends. But lately more and more clients have been following me. My initial instinct was to make my profile private, but I decided against it, as much of the fun of twitter is finding (and being found) by new people.

    Still, I can’t help but feel that as twitter becomes more mainstream, we’ll lose some of the fun and spontaneity that comes from being able to be totally free with our tweets. I, for one, am being much more aware of what I type before hitting post.

  • That’s right. I think a general warning should be issued to anyone on any social network, since it stays online for so long, and people you haven’t met yet but might do business with in the future or whatever, they might find you on Facebook and read your quirky words. It’s a matter of the online persona, I think.

    Twitter (and other microblogging networks for that matter) are extremely dangerous in this aspect, since it’s so easy to text or send something in the spur of the moment.

  • I saw the title of this post and was very confused. I thought, no way did somebody steal my idea! I ran Vandalog, a street art blog, and last night I twittered the opening of an exhibition by the German artists Herakut called Dirty Laundry ( Funny coincidence.

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