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Disqus Embraces 3 Smartphones. Guess Who Got Left Out?

Disqus Embraces 3 Smartphones. Guess Who Got Left Out?

After declaring their intentions to release official apps upon the iPhone and Android devices, Disqus has announced that the apps are ready for prime time (provided they survive the tribunal processes save one OS).

About month ago, we announced “Disqus Mobile”. Since then, we’ve had a tremendous amount of traffic on with mobile theme, and received several of requests for a way to moderate and keep up with your communities whilst on the go. Being very keen to listen to our community, we’ve been secretly working on something deep within the Disqus laboratories.

Today we’re announcing a set of mobile apps on Android, iPhone (iOS), and webOS to help you achieve this. These apps are simple to use, lightweight, and battery efficient. We wanted to be sure you had enough battery life to call Grandma. (Official Disqus Blog)

While Palm Pre fans will be thrilled to discover that a company actually considers webOS relevant (as they are still waiting for a WordPress Pre App), Blackberry fans will probably be upset that they were ignored.

Disqus seems to be “working on it,” although no ETA was given on when RIM might see some love from the company.

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While Blackberry lovers will have to envy everyone else for awhile, the new iOS and webOS Disqus app will send you alerts (or push notifications) whenever someone comments upon your blog, as well as give you the ability to moderate and search comments.

Thanks to Google’s open market approach, Android fanboys (and girls) can download the official Disqus app immediately while iPhone lovers can check out DisqusPro until the official Disqus app arrives.

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