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Do You Blog On The Run?

Do You Blog On The Run?

A few days ago, I was on a long flight and when it landed and the “okay” for cell phones was given, a lovely woman in the aisle across from me, cell phone at the ready, started thumb keying her phone with two hands, blurring fingers, typing out long text. It was just a phone, not a keyboard PDA, and her thumbs were working overtime.

We bumped into each other in the line to get off the plane and I commented on her thumb-cell ability. “Oh, I had to publish a post on my blog.” Due to the pressure of the crowds, I lost her in the airport, though I would have loved to chat with her more.

What I want to know is how you blog on the run? Do you blog on the run? Do you use your cell phone to blog? Or PDA?

I’m not talking about twittering. I want to know if you blog a “real blog post” (longer than 200 words) from your cell phone or PDA while riding the bus, commuting, flying, or eating lunch.

I blog on the road, which I think is different from blogging on the run. I use my laptop, hooked up to any WIFI connection I can find. I will write blog posts on my portable keyboard connected by infrared to my PDA on the airplane, then transfer them via Bluetooth to my laptop for posting, but I don’t blog from my phone. Do you?

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How? Any tips and tricks?

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  • Gee.. That’s very “high-tech” of you guys! :)

    I’ve “tried” to blog on the road, you know, with a laptop, possibly a camera, and WiFi, but I was never successful. WiFi was always not available whenever I lugged my Dell 640m with me (it’s quite heavy!).

    But then again, I don’t do ground-breaking business on my blog so I don’t see the urgency to blog with my phone :)

  • I sometimes blog from my phone (and even post pictures with the text) but I find it highly annoying at best.

    I’m trying to find some way to “video blog” via phone, and if anybody has any ideas, let me know.


    Why not blog from a laptop instead?

  • I use a laptop with built in WIFI but it’s never enough, so I use an “amped up” WIFI PC card with my laptop. When that doesn’t work, I use a Cantenna from Wireless Garden to “boost” my range and pick up from a farther distance. It’s a pain. I could use a cell phone PC Card by Sprint or others but the cost can be outrageous.

    I don’t do blog-breaking news blogging. It’s just how I connect as I travel so much with my work and life. No land connections, only what I can beg, borrow and steal.

  • Does blogging by E-mail count? I used to do that, before, because I use E-mail as a major conversation platform. Sometimes I’d like to get the thoughts to the public blog as well and prefer not to have to switch media.

    Of course, you’d still need a connection of some sort to the world-wide ether.

    [I suspect that conversations (even if only with self and other, Erving Goffman) via E-mail are somewhat different than those via blog posts (content? expressiveness? detail? subject matter?)]

  • I’ve “tried” to blog on the road, you know, with a laptop, possibly a camera, and WiFi, but I was never successful. WiFi was always not available whenever I lugged my Dell 640m with me (it’s quite heavy!).

  • Well, blogging by email “on the run” would count if you were emailing from your cell or pda. ;-) If you are blogging from email via your laptop or something that you have to stop and sit down, that’s blogging on the road. “On the run” blogging would be blogging while moving. ;-)

  • Around November last year, I attempted posting through WAP using my cellphone. Sometimes I’d get the post fully done, while others I’d get the phone resetting back to the standard menu screen.

    I’ve tried using ‘WAP’ sites for posting through, but they get the same results. For blogging on the run, I’d recommend at least a PDA minimum. Granted, you might not have a hotspot your on, but you can always save the entry until you get to one around the corner.

  • I tried Blogging on the go and got used to it. What I’d like to do is Blog from an iPhone.

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