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Do YOU Blog While at Work?

Do YOU Blog While at Work?

Company policies prohibit it. Your moral compass might fight it. And it might be difficult to find the time. But I have a hunch – a sneaking suspicion – that if you’re reading this blog entry, you’ve committed the act.


C’mon, admit it. On the company dime you’re getting your personal blog on. I’m curious to know the following:

– How frequently do you blog at work?

– Which aspect of blogging do you handle at work (writing, editing, posting, research, etc.)?

I actually spend a good portion of my lunch hour writing blogs or brainstorming for topics. The only blog business I take care of ‘on the clock’ is some light research or copyediting. On rare occasions, when a big news story hits, I’ll actually login to WordPress from work. But since I know Big Brother is always watching, I make sure this doesn’t become a regular habit.

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So let’s hear it. Do you blog at work? Take the poll and leave a comment.

How often do you blog at work?
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  • Sometimes I check my stats or I do some research while I’m at work or college. I don’t write my posts from there, because that takes too long.

    I think I do this about 2 or 3 times a week.

  • If I think of a great idea for a blog post, I’ll throw it up as a draft (just a title and maybe an outline). But for the most part, I just don’t have the time to write an entire blog post from the office. It takes me 30 minutes to an hour to write a lengthy blog post.

    That said, I often stay at the office for a while after work or stop by Starbucks on the way home and hammer out a few posts.

  • Blog while I work? Never. But sometimes I get caught working while I’m supposed to be blogging! Too bad we all have to work, but if blogging is part of your business, at least you get paid to do something you enjoy.

  • I sometimes write drafts and rarely approve comments at work.

    It’s hard to stay faithful to policies when colleagues are loudly playing Worms… :)

  • Of course I blog at work but then blogging is a part of my work so I’m probably not the typical case here. But even in my previous job I blogged at work and then it wasn’t part of the job. Actually blogging during work at my previous place of employment was partly behind getting me the new job :-)

  • As blogging is now a significant part of my paid work, then yes.

    When I was employed, I would often blog at lunchtime, and occasionally during “downtime” – waiting for some database or other to rebuild, and such like.

    I tried not to make a habit of it. Oh, I once took an extended lunch break to meet someone who helped set me on the road to problogging.

  • I read statistics and approve comments at work. I comment on other blogs at work, but most of my blogging work (it is not part of my job) is done at home. Sometimes I get an idea about the next blogpost (You can’t stop ideas evolving at any time of the day) at work, but writing blogposts – no.

  • I have put a post together in Word, emailed it to my blog account and snuck over and drafted it on WordPress. If I want it posted, I put it out during my lunch hour.

    But I think we’re all guilty – unless of course its blocked by a lot of IT people will do that.

  • I used to; then I retired. (Actually, my position was one of the first of the current 30K being eliminated in the US airline industry; it had nothing to do with my blogging, though.)

  • I write most of my posts in chunks – a little here, a little there, over the course of a day or two or sometimes I have posts stewing for several weeks that I periodically revisit and tweak. I keep my drafts in Google Docs so I can access them from practically anywhere. So sometimes I do jump in there from work to jot down a quick note or add a link to a article in draft or such. But I really try to limit those instances to very brief sessions and often I’m still doing other tasks – sitting on hold, waiting for an email response, or watching some process run – all the while.

  • The comment section on this post sounds like a great way to Dooce yourself with a twist.

    I think it’s OK to blog during breaks, as that’s no different to surfing really (except you’re at least being creative)

    But I try to remember that, as much I enjoy blogging, my employer pays me more than my blog – so their work has to come first!

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