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Do You Monitor Your Online Reputation?

Do You Monitor Your Online Reputation?

The greater your success, the larger your number of enemies. That means, as your blog grows in visitors and subscribers, you will need to spend more time monitoring what others are saying about you. Of course, like most bloggers, this is probably the last thing you want to waste time on. Thanks to new online reputation monitoring tool Trackur, you can follow what others are saying, while not taking time away from content creation.

Web attacks can have serious consequences and you need to protect what you’ve worked hard to build. However, starting at $88 a month (14-day free trial), Trackur sure sounds expensive. I love the idea that you’re up and running in five minutes, but do I need to spend that much coinage to track news and social media Websites?

Users of the tool submit keywords that apply to their blog, name or product, then, any blogoshphere or social media mention will be reported and tracked.

Trackur offers three different levels of service, each including options to save searches, bookmark and forward items, and receive alerts via e-mail or RSS.

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I haven’t tried the product yet, but I think the price tag will scare away many small and mid-size bloggers and businesses. However, I understand that you can’t put a price on defending your honor. What do you think?

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  • Thanks for covering the launch. Similar services cost more than a thousand dollars a month.

    Who’ll see $88 as a bargain? Anyone that needs to know the instant a blogger is trashing their reputation. Surely that’s worth the cost of a Venti Starbucks a day? :-)

  • This definitely appeals to a specific crowd. I just use bloglines. I wish I had a reputation worth paying $88 to protect. But there is a market for everything and in every price range. Good luck to Andy. Seems like a great tool I can only hope I’ll ever need.

  • Hmm.. interesting.

    The purpose of this service is great and all, but I don’t think trackur did a complete research of similar services.

    how about going a free route and use google, yahoo, technorati alerts that’ll notify you via rss of whoever is talking about whatever keyword your tracking…

    Been doing this for months and I feel pretty satisfied with the results.

    I don’t think I need to feel paranoid about whoever is talking about me, which is the vibe I’m getting from trackur. Successful people (in general) don’t waste their time worrying about whos talking about them-even more pay a service fee for it.

    But wait, let’s say I do need this and pay for their service… and I find out someone’s saying something bad about me.. What’s next? Does trackur allow me to take action? If so, how? and what would trackur do that I can’t already deal with myself?

    I guess I’m not in their targeted audience, eh?

  • I guess I’m too new at all this, but wouldn’t just using a little discretion accomplish the same thing? Maybe that’s too simple . . .

  • If I monitor my reputation with Google–for free–then I know exactly what I’m getting. I’ll see whatever other searchers would see.

    With a paid service like this, who knows? Should I just assume they are thorough?

    Online reputation services have a long and dodgy history. Back around 2003, I remember getting email spams with the message “Only $10 to find out what people are saying about you!” (I assume the automated service itself did most of the “talking”.)

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