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Doc Searls disses Denton and Calacanis

Doc Searls disses Denton and Calacanis

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Another week and another big blogging story from the mainstream press, with this weeks effort from Newsweek looking at the white, male, middle aged American kingdom that is the blogging A-List in Alpha Bloggers. Aside from the normal “bloggers influence stuff and stuff happens” take on influential bloggers, Doc Searls gets himself taken off Nick Denton and Jason McCabe Calacanis christmas card list with a small line towards the end of the piece that is nothing more that an unprovoked salvo across the forward bow of the good ships Gawker and Weblogsinc
“If you’re into blogs to make money, you’re into it for the wrong reasons,” says Searls. “Do you ask your back porch what its business plan is?”
But yes Doc, does my porch have as many hits as Gizmodo or Engadget, or is likely to be sponsored by large multinational companies?

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  • I agree with with Doc to a point… our bloggers are not in it for the money, but *almost* everyone needs to pay the rent and put food on the table.

    Perhaps Doc is a in a position where he might not have to worry about paying the rent… which is great for him. However, I can tell you our bloggers who are making a living doing what they love are as good as any other blogger out there. In fact, because they can dedicate more time to their blogs they often produces more content and can put more time into the content they do produce.

    Docs position sort of leaves fulll-time blogging to the unemployed or the independently wealthy.

  • Yes, and is it not hopelessly romantic to think commerce can somehow be kept out of blogs?

    A blog is a frequently updated web site. Web sites are media properties, whether they are owned by an individual or by a company. And media properties in most cases try to make money. Just like it’s always been.

  • “sort of leaves fulll-time blogging to the unemployed or the independently wealthy”

    Which would help explain why, after two-years of ‘Portland Communique’ being my full-time endeavor, it may be coming to a grinding halt as of December 31.

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