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Does Blogging Need Consistent Titles?

Does Blogging Need Consistent Titles?

First there was the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), then came the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Are you ready for an FCB (First Chief Blogger)?

Kodak has announced that they have appointed long-time employee Jennifer Cisney to be their first chief blogger.

As FCB, Jennifer will oversee the company’s two blogs and serve as their “eyes and ears online.” We guess that would include a comment on this blog post! ;-)

As major corporations such as Kodak add high-profile blogging jobs, it might be time to wonder if bloggers should band together to create a uniform list of job titles. While I’m not a huge fan of titles (When a landscaper can be a Greenery Architect or a store clerk an Inventory and Product Specialist, who can!), it might behoove bloggers to get on the same page.

While there are a limitless amount of variations, other forms of media have fairly consistent titles: writer, producer, editor in chief, and so on.

So will today’s bloggers become tomorrow’s FCB’s? Are social media mavens destined to become Social Interaction Contractors?

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Do we need to establish consistent blogging job titles?

Cause right now, I just feel like a blogger.

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  • as far job titles go we don’t have any and we can’t have any for as long as what we do is not a job. to most people blogging is a form of hobby, unless we change that mentality to view blogs as an industry we will not be able to stick a job title to what we do.

    right now blogging is like fishing, most people do it as a hobby but a very few do it as a way of making money. as you can see you can’t give a job title to the pro fishers either (cheif fishing officer!!!)

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