Dogging, Happy Slapping better known than blogging amongst English taxi drivers

The terms dogging (sex in public places) and happy slapping (teenagers assulting people whilst filming it) are better known than blogging amongst English taxi drivers, publicans and hairdresses, a new survey has found.

According to Reuters, the survey found that only 28% of participants had heard of blogging, compared to 56% for happy slapping.

In perhaps a slightly alarmist tone, Sarah Carter from DDB London told Reuters:

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“Our research not only shows that there is no buzz about blogging and podcasting outside of our media industry bubble, but also that people have no understanding of what the words mean…It’s a real wake-up call.”

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  • I guess there’s a smitten of truth in there (just!)…
    “We spend too much time talking to ourselves in this industry, rather than getting out there and finding out what’s really going on in the world.”

    But just because cabbies, hairdressers and pub owners don’t know about blogging doesn’t mean squat. We’re all doing this for a niche audience – you don’t have to be everything to everyone. I don’t really understand the point of this survey. Why not got to a University (anywhere in the world will do) and ask the same questions and see what results you’ll get.

  • Er… I’d argue that second point HostingDiary – iPod get on TV, blogs don’t. Yet.

    And yes, this sounds like another media article that’s aimed at the media – they really can be a self-serving bunch (pot, kettle…??)

  • Outside the savvy business sector there are two audiences for blogging : 1) Primary, youngsters etc with a computer who blog to impress their friends; 2) Tertiary, who use blogging as a tool for reputation, serious discussion etc. I don’t think cabbies or hairdressers necessarily fit easily into either category.

    Internet advertising rose by 26% in the first half of the year, mostly due to web search advertising, like AdWords. The technology of which blogging forms a strong part is doing exceptionally well, but largely to a literate audience. Let’s not be depressed by a handful of cabbies.

  • Do not despise the London cabby. To become one, it is necessary to pass a test called The Knowledge – which ascertains whether you know your way around London to every back street, alleyway and cul-de-sac. Anyone who passes The Knowledge, has to have a brain the size of a beachball. Many years ago there was a show on British TV called Mastermind, a quiz for real eggheads with almost infinite knowledge. One of the winners was a London cabbly. If London cabbies don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist.

    Welcome to Limbo, fellow bloggers! :D

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