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Dominic Rivera Returns to The Blogging Times

Dominic Rivera Returns to The Blogging Times

Former The Blog Herald blogger and 901am editor, and a colleague of mine on both of these sites from time to time, by the way, have returned to his roots. Via his Blogging in Boxers, I’ve learned that he’s returned to The Blogging Times. This from the contact page:

The Blogging Times is my daily blog on news around the web. I founded this blog in 2006, left in 2007, and rebooted in March 2008 to stay for good.

Founding and blogging here at The Blogging Times was (and will continue to be) a humbling experience for me. I must admit that I screwed tons of times and failed to focus on blogging. This time will be different– more of blogging and less of unwanted noise.

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Best of luck on your re-found venture, Minic!

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