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Don’t Just Claim it, Sue it!

Don’t Just Claim it, Sue it!

So in the fight for your own reputation and identity while you might be trying to get hired (or fired?) somewhere, there are a few services that can help you. For example, ClaimID helps you “claim” website, blogs, and the like to certify if you think that information written about you is ok and permitted.

But, if the litigation swirling around Google whets your appetite, you may be interested in another service called ReputationDefender — a new service that not only keeps an eye out for mentions of you or your identity (for $10/ mo), but for the low, low price of $30, will send threatening letters on your behalf.  [Courtesy of Mashable]

But just finding those drunken party pictures or the blog rant about your ex-girlfriend is useless unless you can remove that info. That’€™s where ReputationDefender could prove useful: they promise to correct or destroy information you don’€™t want to appear – this is a labor-intensive manual task, they say, and they’€™ll need to show some good negotiation skills with site publishers.

Concerned about their pedigree?  Mashable continues:

Founded by a top-notch team that includes a Harvard Law School graduate and a former presidential campaign speech writer, and with an advisory board that includes a Law Professor, an MIT grad and other notables, ReputationDefender has more in common with a top law firm than a web service.

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  • That ReputationDefender sounds like a great service. There is a lot of misinformation and previously private info that people don’t want floating around in cyberspace….unless you’re Paris Hilton, in which case you want it all out there to further your career.

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