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Dos Equis: The Official Social Media Beer Of Cinco de Mayo

Dos Equis: The Official Social Media Beer Of Cinco de Mayo

Dos Equis BeerDos Equis was the beer of choice for Cinco de Mayo, at least that was the case on Twitter where it racked up the most social media mentions.

Social media management software company Expion examined all brand mentions for top beer brands and found that between April 24 and May 6 the Dos Equis brand was the top mentioned beer product.

The marketing geniuses at the beer manufacturer were helped along by the ‘Dos de Mayo’ campaign which helped it earn 4,746 brand mention. The next closest mexican beer manufacturer was Corono with 464 mentions.

According to Expion CMO Mike Heffring:

“For consistency’s sake, Expion is tracking only @ mentions of each brand, which may be why some of the numbers seem low. We feel that @ mentions are the best representation of users engaging or responding with the brand messages.”

The #DosDeMayo hashtag generated 1,979 mentions on Cinco De Mayo with 227,668 mentions of  #CincoDeMayo overall.

Here is the most popular Cinco De Mayo tweet from Dos Equis:

Bud Light, Miller Light, Guiness and other beers received barely any Twitter mentions during the same time period.

As expected mexican manufactured beers scored better than other alcoholic beverage on Twitter during Mexico’s independence day.


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