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Drupal 7 Re-Enters Beta?

Drupal 7 Re-Enters Beta?

After months of beta testing, the team (plus an army of volunteers) have finally been able to reduce the number of critical bugs for Drupal 7 to zero which usually means that a CMS/blog platform is ready for prime time (after the release candidate anyways).

Instead of phasing the platform out of beta however, the team has decided to send Drupal for another round of testing.

As of today, Drupal 7’s critical issue queue has reached 0. A huge thanks to the tremendous effort of hundreds of people who have helped bring us to this momentous milestone!

By traditional definition, we should be entering release candidate phase. However, while we have been focused on smashing criticals, we have accumulated a “major” issue queue that’s currently 5 pages long, and have been neglecting to prepare for string freeze, which happens at RC1. (Official Drupal Blog)

Dries Buytaert (Drupal’s founder) as well as other Drupal core developers are planning on going through their beloved CMS in order to locate (and squash) any critical bugs that they might have missed during the second beta round.

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Drupal’s biggest rivals include WordPress and Joomla, the latter which has been attempting to dethrone Drupal (as far as the number of extensions/modules goes, respectively).

Although not as popular as WordPress, Drupal is still heavily utilized by many websites online (ranging from small businesses to the White House) and it will be interesting to see if version 7.0 gives the CMS the bounce it needs to catch up to its WP rival.

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