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E-Commmerce on WordPress With Market Theme

E-Commmerce on WordPress With Market Theme

A new WordPress theme, dubbed the Market Theme, has launched, promising to transform any standard WordPress installation into an e-commerce Website.

Featuring a shopping cart and the ability to manage multiple products, the Market Theme works with WordPress from version 2.0 up.

A standard license will run you $55 and the developer’s license $150.

Check out the live demo here.

Even if you don’t have any products of your own but want to dip your toe into the business world, the template is customizable to sell affiliate items.

Already on the scene is a free WordPress e-Commerce plugin. How does Market Theme stack up? View a comparison.

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One of the stronger design elements is the way products are displayed. A grid-based layout keeps the site looking clean and makes products easy to find.

I’ve only recently experimented with selling products via e-Junkie. While I like the site, I’m not in love with the fact that people have to leave my blog to complete transactions. For this reason alone, the Market Theme is at least worth a second look.

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  • Andrew, in case of E-junkie, cart opens inside the website and people only have to leave the site to go on PayPal or Google to complete the transaction.

  • Interesting! I’ve been using the e-commerce theme on one of my sites for some months now, and have been at times frustrated with it, though I think it’s basically a good plugin, especially for something that’s free. I’d be interested in trying this new theme, but the work to switch over would be rather prohibitive I would think.

  • Mark — Actually many members who like the look of their existing blog, will install a new instance of WordPress into a subfolder named “store” or something simliar, and then just place a link on their main blog to this subfolder installation of Market.

    They’ll just match the colors of Market and insert their site logo, to make it fit in with their existing blog.

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