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Earth Rated adopts sustainable practices for pet products

Earth Rated adopts sustainable practices for pet products

"Sustainable Pet Products"

Earth Rated, a company that originated in 2010 with a mission to simplify pet ownership, is currently revamping its portfolio to be more sustainable. The team is investing in eco-friendly materials and reducing waste in their packaging in a bid towards greener practices throughout the business.

Benjamin Hubert of design agency Layer is leading this rebranding effort. His aim is to produce high-quality dog accessories that marry aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics for pets and their humans. With an eye for convenient, user-friendly design, the brand plans to create products that improve the daily lives of dogs and their owners.

With an embrace of minimalism in packaging and sturdy dog toys from organic rubber, Earth Rated is consciously reducing waste and providing durable toys for dogs. The company is embracing recycled materials for its products, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability while appealing to a market that demands eco-friendliness.

Earth Rated’s innovative products include poop bags made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic, reducing landfill waste. This aligns with the brand’s ethos of blending style and substance to cut carbon emissions; customers’ purchases contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

The brand’s refreshed image combines vibrant yellow and cool green, presenting a lively aesthetic that aligns with their eco-friendly ethic.

Sustainable shift in Earth Rated’s pet products

A balance of bold visuals with a minimalist style suggests a progressive outlook that values both function and ecological responsibility.

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Additionally, the brand shows its commitment to full-cycle sustainability through a refillable dispenser design with a detachable silicone strap, cutting the need for less environment-friendly materials like adhesive or screws. This durable and reusable dispenser not only minimizes waste but also enhances product versatility. This move corresponds with a global initiative for responsible sourcing and waste disposal.

Earth Rated also encourages recycling, consuming less energy by opting against manufacturing plastic from scratch, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. All leftover production materials are repurposed and crafted into new products, offering customers conscious choices for their purchases.

The outcome? Engaging and functional products for customers, durable toys for dogs, and a win-win for the environment. A purchase from Earth Rated not only improves customers’ and pets’ lives but also contributes to the continued preservation of our planet.

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