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EBay Tries to Mend Fences; Hires New In-House Blogger

EBay Tries to Mend Fences; Hires New In-House Blogger

Can a social media veteran help improve eBay’s relationship with its users? The company certainly hopes so.

After years of being unresponsive to eBayers complaints, the company has plans underway to open the lines of communication in order to quell seller rebellion. At the center is eBay Ink, an “unbiased” internal blog written by new staffer, and former Podshow alum, Richard Brewer-Hay.

From the company’s finances to future plans, Brewer-Hay claims to have an all-access pass to everything eBay, and will blog it as he sees it.

Interestingly enough, according to an interview with FORTUNE Small Business, eBay’s new blogger isn’t a “Power Seller.”

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FSB: Have you ever sold anything on eBay?
RBH: I’ve never sold anything on eBay but I’ve bought on eBay.

Can one of the world’s top, publicly-traded Websites truly be authentic and transparent? We’ll have to wait and see. However, the fact that they are attempting to make inroads with embittered users is a good sign.

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  • I actually like the fact that he’s not a power seller. I think it shows that they’re trying to get someone who will be good for the job and not someone who will be 100% for the company.

    There are enough Initechs in the world.

  • Likewise… I think it is a great idea for eBay to hire someone who does not sell on eBay. Basically, if eBay wants to take care of their PR issue – just be straight with people and don’t forget the little guys!

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