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Elemental Launches Social Media Portal; Social Networks Mapped

Elemental Launches Social Media Portal; Social Networks Mapped

In line with ad:tech London, UK-based media consultancy firm Elemental has announced the launch of Social Media Portal (SMP), which is an application that maps the global landscapes created by various new media networks. SMP maps cross-country linkages among social networks, blogs, podcasts, intant messaging clients, and the like.


SMP maps networks and the landscapes they create from around the globe, and is the creation of UK-based media consultancy Elemental (, specialists in integrating traditional and digital marketing, media and PR.

Designed and developed by Australian-based web agency C2 (, SMP encompasses the role of social networks, user generated content (UGC), blogs, podcasts, search engines and other technology like instant messenger. SMP’s Landscape will continue to grow on a daily basis, as social media companies and blog owners are encouraged to add their sites.

According to Elemental, this new application “highlights the relationships between organisations, business and people within the Landscape and how they intertwine and connect with each other using social media.” Currently, there are about 55 new media sites that are part of SMP, and bloggers and other users of new media are encouraged to sign up.

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Elemental says SMP lets marketers and brand owners know where online audiences are and how to engage with them on their own level. Meanwhile, the service can also help social media sites bring in elements like advertising and promotions that suit their users better.

SMP is also running a month-long contest, where various prizes like a Nintendo Wii, a Squeezebox and iTunes vouchers are at stake. Entrants only need to answer the question What is your favourite social network and why?

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  • Crossovers between social networks and attempts to map the complere social network ecosystem is a growing area that is going to receive a lot of attention in the coming months/years.

    We should keep an eye on this project.

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