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EMI exec: Bands shouldn’t have to Twitter unless it’s fun

EMI exec: Bands shouldn’t have to Twitter unless it’s fun

The senior vice president of digital strategy at EMI has said that he believes that bands should only use Twitter if it’s fun and is building community.

Cory Ondrejka, who looks into ways for bands to interact with their fans online, told Music Ally:

“If you’re a band, you’re using Twitter because, y’know what, it’s really kinda fun giving your fans this blow-by-blow account of getting to the stage, or your bus breaking down in a snowstorm.

“Sharing stories is what builds communities, and for some artists that is really enjoyable. But if Twittering is work for you, maybe you should have someone else doing it for you. And that’s okay.”

That doesn’t mean that he’s not passionate about new methods of communication — it’s just that he doesn’t think bands should be forced into using them.

“We’re very fortunate to have artists at every level who are excited about different technologies, and want to explore them,” he said.

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Would you follow your favourite band if they used Twitter? Would you be happy to read someone else Twittering on their behalf?

(Via MusicAlly)

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  • I’m shocked that someone in the music industry not only understands social networking but can find reasoning and explain it simply as well. “As long as it’s fun” is so spot on. If you’re having fun with it you’re adding value. If you’re just automating when your shows are going to be and the awards you just won it really doesn’t make sense.

    @the_real_shaq has proven that.

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