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Employees Like Work More When Social Media Is Allowed [Infographic]

Employees Like Work More When Social Media Is Allowed [Infographic]

social networkingWhen employees are allowed to access social media networks at work one to two times each day a new study has shown that they are more satisfied with their jobs and more likely to stick with an employer.

The study found that even employees who are simply offering the chance to check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks on their lunch breaks were more satisfied with their employer.

Of all the available networks employees prefer to access Facebook is still the number one choice, although some employees also like to network using LinkedIn (20%) while 18% choose YouTube (likely to show a co-worker a funny video they found at home), and 14% choose Twitter. In some cases employees even prefer throwing up a blog at work with 3% of workers logging into their Blogger accounts.

Unfortunately not all company’s allow for social media access, in fact 28% of company’s blocked access completely while 40% had partial access and just 32% of employees worked at company’s with no blocking policy in place.

Here’s the full infographic:

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Do you find that you like your job more because of social media access?

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